1. There is nothing casual about it.
  2. Social Media is a long-term investment of effort.
  3. Without anything substantial on offer, no engagement is useful.
  4. Originality pays big-time; cloning hurts.
  5. Be present at all the contact points.
  6. Be consistent: Your efforts will build up over time.
  7. No carpet bombings, please.
  8. Repackaging what is already public knowledge “hurts”.
  9. Be open-minded and transparent.
  10. Building on others’ idea and giving them due credit is right.
  11. Be generous with giving links to others.
  12. Never spam, never accept spam. Report spammers.
  13. Be on the lookout for emerging tools and websites.
  14. Always remember that it is only the beginning.
  15. Don’t take it as a job. Social Media has to be genuine fun.
  16. Being fast in Social Media is far more important that being perfect.
  17. Steer clear of abusive language.
  18. Always remember, Social Media is fundamentally viral. Mistakes are unpardonable.
  19. Social Media is a cube, there are always more than 2 sides to any point.
  20. Social Media is one of the hundreds of tasks which we do; it does not substitute or replace any.
  21. Social Media groups would break and new groups would come. We must accept and factor for the same. Very few groups may live in perpetuity.
  22. Ask for information source. “Heard it somewhere” doesn’t work. No source = no information.
  23. Social Media is beyond YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  24. Research never hurts. Substantiated claims are highly respected.
  25. Belittling in absentia is a big NO.
  1. Create and maintain an inventory of digital assets.
  2. Dead digital assets must be buried. Stink offends.
  3. Think before you auto-connect on Social Media networks.
  4. Social Media on auto mode can be risky.
  5. You are your own brand; behave well online and offline – always.
  6. Investigate those who have un-followed you.
  7. Remember that the events world over influence Social Media.
  8. Updates of your core Social Media assets on mobile phones are important.
  9. No measurement of effort leads to total loss of Social Media money.
  10. Always have an eye on RoI.
  11. What works for big groups may not work for startups.
  12. Outsourcing Social Media after defining boundaries can be a cheaper option.
  13. Online reputation management should be a regular task.
  14. Social Media can never be delegated, it can only be assigned.
  15. Always define an internal owner for Social Media activities; it can’t happen organically.
  16. Strive to innovate. Thought leaders are loved and projected by others.
  17. Cover your activities by ensuring your presence on all platforms of tomorrow and today.
  18. Sarcasm is a death spiral.
  19. The real battle is about mind space.
  20. Keep it short and simple, work on the KISS factor.
  21. Focus on your own brand and objective; Social Media brands would keep on coming and going.
  22. Everyone loves humor. Social Media humor is fun in more ways than one.
  23. What you post will stay, even though you may move on.
  24. Content without context hurts.
  25. There is a tomorrow. Don’t exhaust your all ideas about Social Media today.